What is Brown Bag Market?
One thing we are sure of, it is not a bazaar.

Rather, it is a flea market that aims to provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to showcase their products. We know that location is very essential in a business. And most of the time, rent has the highest share of the fixed cost that an entrepreneur shoulders. With this in mind, we make sure that each space is priced very minimally. This is part of our effort to help the social entrepreneurs to market their products. There are only few of them and we want to create an environment where in they will be encouraged to keep on doing their cause.
To also practice what these entrepreneurs preach, all of the participants will be required to use brown paper bags instead of plastic bags, hence the name for the flea market.

It is more than just a flea market.

Selling or buying eco-friendly products is not the end of it. It is only the beginning of our cause. Aside from promoting eco-friendly products, we will be conducting talks, performances and a photo exhibit that will further spread awareness among people about the health benefits of organic and eco-friendly products as well as its role in preventing grave climate change.
Brown Bag Market will be held every last or first Saturday of the month whichever day will be more profitable to social entrepreneurs. Venue shall be different each month.